Best Odds Guaranteed – Get Paid out at Best Odds on Horse Racing and Greyhound bets

The “Horse Racing Best Odds Guaranteed” promotion is offered by many but not all online bookmakers.

See which bookies offer the Best Odds Guaranteed feature which will GUARANTEE you the best price pay out on any winning bets you place on UK and Irish horse racing.

Firstly let’s see how this feature works.

The punter places a bet on horse A . The odds are 6/1 on the betting slip and you click submit, taking the odds on display.

Your bet is horse A at 6/1.

There are two scenarios that can happen here.

Horse A wins the race and returns odds of 7/1 or bigger.

Horse A wins the race and returns odds of 5/1 or shorter.

In either case you will get paid out the best price which was  7/1 or at the odds you took (6/1) if the returned (settled price) was shorter.

Which Bookmakers offer Best Odds Guaranteed?

Best Odds Guaranteed

All the online bookmakers listed in the table above offer best odds guaranteed. News alert – there is now an even better way to get your odds matched to best price.

A few bookmakers now offer Best Odds Guaranteed PLUS.

This means on selected horse races and meetings you will get the best price on your winning bets AND have that price Enhanced.

So a 4/1 winning bet for example is now returned at 9/2. This means a bigger payout for horse racing punters and a big recommendation to try out these bookmakers for your horse racing bets.

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