Carra & Neville 500/1 to scrap on set – 4/7 to break record for scores

Chris Daniels
August 7, 2016
Jamie Carragher and gary neville team up at SkySports

Jamie Carragher and gary neville team up at SkySports

GARY NEVILLE'S team up with Jamie Carragher could result in record-breaking Sky viewing figures, according to Ladbrokes.

Following the set's exchange on social media, the bookies offer 500/1 a real battle breaks out this season, but at 4/7 it looks far more likely their first game together sets a new ratings record for Sky's Monday Night show.

It's odds-on at 1/5 that Carragher trolls Neville by discussing Iceland in their first game back, while the set are 2/1 to hug on camera.

Those who think Carra may ‘do a Neville' this season by leaving midway through term to take a managerial/coaching job can take 5/1 while it's 10/1 Neville ditches Sky early once again to return to the dugout.

Alex Donohue of Ladbrokes said: “Neville's return along with Carragher will be a must watch and the pair are a certainty to add spice to Monday Night Football this season.”

Ladbrokes current betting Specials on the Duo

Jamie Carragher & Gary Neville's first video game to break Sky MNF viewing record 4/7

Jamie Carragher to mention Iceland in first video game with Gary Neville 1/5

Jamie Carragher & Gary Neville to hug on set during first game 2/1

Jamie Carragher & Gary Neville to combat on set this season 500/1

Gary Neville to leave Sky for a manager/coaching job this season 10/1

Jamie Carragher to leave Sky for a manager/coaching task this season 5/1

Who will leave Sky initially?

Jamie Carragher 4/6
Gary Neville 11/10

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