Cheltenham Horse Races Betting and Winning

Chris Daniels
May 5, 2016
Horse Racing Steamers

So do you think it's possible to win on all 28 races at the Cheltenham Festival?.

This obviously seems absolutely impossible because if you look at the odds on a twenty eight fold accumulator on every winner at a festival the number would be absolutely incredible the likes of which has never been seen on planet earth before?. So there you go it's impossible or is it because you should always use the word impossible with the greatest of care because in Cheltenham 2017 I actually managed to do just that.

I won on all 28 races and I knew that people would be skeptical so I've got confirmation from the exchange in which I did it. The exchange was Betfair. I was using some free software from betangel that we use on BET stack and on the letter it basically says we can confirm that you did trade to a profit on all 28 races at the 2017 Cheletnham Festival we've checked your camp and confirmed the results displayed in your screenshot are genuine and accurate.

There you go it did happen and the way that happened for those of you that are not familiar with what I do it was a process called trading. This is where we place a variety of bets in the market with the intention of ending up with a profit before the race has even started regardless who goes on to win. It sounds a bit weird but it's true that's what trading is all about.

cheltenham horse races for the festival in 2017
Trading is the way that that was achieved it's an advanced betting strategy it's not the same sort of thing that you would have seen anywhere else and the fact is that it is possible to win whatever the result of a particular race now it takes a little bit of getting used to. It's very different from the world that you're used to if you're used to just placing a bet with a bookmaker. Bookmakers tend to always win because there you lose a lot of margin to them you don't tend to find that on an exchange on an exchange the over round the amount of money lost to the other side of the book is absolutely tiny. Then using a bit of software like bet angel you can actually just tip that edge a little bit more in your favor.

There are absolutely no guarantees in this game but trading in my opinion is definitely the best way to participate in any particular betting market. If you're interested in learning more about how to do that then visit Bettinger com and download the software but also check out the bet angel academy as well where we give you a primer on how to trade on horse racing but yeah it's true I won all 28 races at the 2017 Cheltenham Festival you

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