Football League Table

Football League table standings are shown for the following competitions. Premier League, Championship, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, League One and  League Two. See where your football team is ranked against the competition.

Leicester did the unthinkable in the 2015/16 UK Premier League standings by winning the competition. The pre-season odds of 5000/1 belied their achievements. Leicester managed to keep a few of the world’s most expensive football teams like Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United at bay to take the coveted Premier League trophy. It just goes to show that team spirit can’t be bought. No matter how many millions you pour in to a professional club. To simply purchase “highly rated players” and pay the individuals vastly inflated salaries is not enough. As we observed in the early part of the Premier League season when Chelsea players in protest at the then manager José Mourinho simply refused to play with any dedication. A move that saw them languish in the bottom half of the league and a position that they never fully recovered from.