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football bbcWelcome to Football BBC a free source of football news on the Premier League and sports news from around the web. We also provide Live football scores together with Bookmaker offers on football and horse racing with the latest sign up bonuses.

Football Odds Comparison

In the football betting section you will find the latest football odds compared against the leading online bookmakers. This is a useful betting aid in selecting the best prices for your bet. Especially so as we head towards Euro 2016 and ante post bets may look tempting before the odds contract.

Horse Racing Steamers

In our horse racing section you will find a page on horse racing steamers. This will provide the punter with the daily popular movers and fallers amongst the horse racing betting markets. We source this information from the leading Irish bookmaker It's a useful betting tool which gives insight to where the moneys going on which horses. The more fancied the horse can be interpreted as the more likely winner when you have a choice of two or more selections to bet on.

Betting Jargon Jungle

Betting generally hosts a lot of jargon however it's not as complex as you might think. The most popular bet in football beyond the straight forward who will win the World Cup or Premiership itself is the match betting.

When wagering on a football match it's best to remind yourself that it's not a two horse race. A great deal of people believe that you are betting on, say, England or Sweden to win the match-- which, naturally you can however you forget the draw at your peril. Bookmakers pay on matches on the score after the first 90 minutes so additional time is not considered in a straight home or away win. There are markets that will assist you in punting during "extra time" though and anyone who understands football knows that there are lots of draws so do not be afraid to back the draw.

Another popular bet is who will score the very first goal. Now whilst this is a appealing and evident bet it is very difficult to get. Many bookmakers now provide a somewhat different bet that provides you a far better opportunity of backing a winner, this is for your your selected player to score at any time throughout the match. With the first scorer option your bet can be negated in the first minute whereas with the 'to score throughout the match' you can win at any time up until the final whistle.

Forecasting the exact score is another popular option though again not as easy to get right and again for a simpler option most bookies now bet on the variety of goals there will be in a match. If you get the total number of goals for instance so you don't have to forecast the exact score i.e., Manchester United 3 Liverpool 2.

The other element that frequently confuses those new to wagering is the odds themselves - what does 6/4 mean? How does 3/1 work with my stake? most would understand that you position at £1 and win £3 but bear in mind if you win you also get your stake back too so your full return would be £4 (a revenue of £3). If you bet £1 at 6/4 you get £1.50 revenue and your stake back.

We hope this assists you in your future betting understanding.

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